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  • 10 interesting facts   Science

    Can you give me some interesting facts?

  • Stay healthy and fit   Health

    What are some tips for staying healthy and fit?

  • Discover new books   Entertainment

    Can you recommend a good book?

  • Explore the universe   Science

    Can you tell me about the universe?

  • Improve your writing skills   Development

    How can I improve my writing skills?

  • Learn to code   Development

    How can I learn to code?

  • Get inspired   Development

    Can you give me some inspiration?

  • Master time management   Development

    How can I manage my time better?

  • Travel on a budget   Travel

    How can I travel on a budget?

  • Solve a problem   Development

    How can I solve X problem?

  • 10 hilarious jokes   Entertainment

    Can you tell me a joke?

  • The meaning of life   Philosophy

    What's the meaning of life?

  • 5 must-see movies   Entertainment

    What are some must-see movies?

  • Today's weather forecast   News

    What's the weather like today?

  • Learn a new language   Development

    How do I learn a new language?

  • Boost your memory   Development

    How can I improve my memory?

  • Ace your assignments   Education

    How can I ace my assignments?

  • Conquer public speaking   Development

    How can I improve my public speaking?

  • Stay focused and motivated   Development

    How can I stay focused/motivated?

  • Build your dream business   Business

    How do I start a business?

  • Healthy and delicious recipes   Health

    Can you recommend healthy recipes?

  • Science made simple   Science

    Can you explain a scientific concept?

  • The ultimate guide   Education

    Can you give me a guide to X?

  • Reduce anxiety and stress   Development

    How can I reduce anxiety/stress?

  • Fitness made easy   Health

    What are some easy exercises to try?

  • Wander the world   Travel

    What are some travel destination picks?

  • Master the essay   Education

    How can I write a good essay?

  • Unleash your creativity   Development

    How can I be more creative?

  • Explore history   History

    Can you tell me about the history of X?

  • Decode music   Entertainment

    What's the meaning of a song/poem?

  • Ace your job interview   Career

    How can I ace my job interview?

  • Rewrite text   Development

    Rephrase the given content and shorten it or enlarge to fit into given number of words.

  • Funny jokes   Entertainment

    Get a funny jokes to make you laugh.

  • Translate text to polish   Education

    Translate the given text to polish.

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